About Us

Hi! We are Yiz and Luis, a couple obsessed with plants and the authors behind Succulent Capital.

Since we were given our first succulent as a gift we have done nothing but continue to grow our collection and delve deeper into the world of these sought after plants. We started this blog to share everything we have learned along the way and to update you on everything we continue to learn about this exciting world of succulents.

We hope you find our content useful and if there is any topic you would like us to talk about, please let us know on our contact page. We are very excited to read your opinions and always happy to help other succulent lovers.

Best regards and stay tuned!

Luis Camacho

I'm passionate about traveling, trekking and gardening. In this blog i want to share everything I learn throughout my journey and help you get the best of your plants.

Yizet Castañeda

I am passionate about travel, decoration and plants. In this blog I share everything I experience and learn about succulents. I hope it will help especially those who are just starting in this world.

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